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Bulk Herbs

A large variety of bulk herbs, resins, and tea to assist in your herbal practice and healing. Whether it be physical or metaphysical, we hope to supply you with the materials you need.

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Original Art

Inspired by mythology and folklore, Nocturnus roots itself deep into the earth. Dark and saturated roots, power the creative mind that exists within us all. With an in house studio, we produce a modest but pleasing selection of original artworks and goods.

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Handcrafted Incense

Using a selection of our own herbs and materials, we carry a rotating selection of in-house, hand rolled, all natural incense, stick or loose. With blends to improve aroma, ambiance, or your sacred space where ever it may be.

About Us

The inception of Nocturnus began as a child, as an artist, and seeker to discover wisdom in spiritual healing. Like many others the study of metaphysics, and natural healing has always enamored and engaged me. Throughout history spiritual leaders and pioneers have handed down their stories and knowledge whether it be through religion, myth, or fable. The inspiration of Nocturnus and its art, comes from such diversely rich stories.

Today we see a rise in the study of alternative healing and its teachings. Such acts of working on ourselves and others for spiritual and physical health, and amelioration is an act of love, despite our background, religion, beliefs, or prior transgressions. Gathering, creating, and using tools utilized for centuries, by the wise women, and wise men that came before us, a craft is practiced that connects us to our ancestors.